Saturday, May 05, 2007

How does a pro-homo review the movie "Zoo" about bestiality? 

In case you didn't immediately see the light to his argument, he "clarifies" it with a few examples to build his case.

But Zoo isn't about equality. It's about inequality. It gets inside the heads of the horse fetishists, exploring their peculiar mentality. At the core of that mentality is a craving for otherness. Zoophilia isn't homo. It's hetero. Very hetero.

So we are told that fetish of a thousand kinds is never a part of homosexuality, it's all hetero, all the time. And that homosexuality, because it is same-sex, is about equality! Like Foley being equal to his little pages, and John Browne equating himself to the male prostitute he exploited, and the 650,000 cases of homosexual batterers per year, they are just beating themselves into all that equality, of course.

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