Saturday, May 05, 2007

How does a pro-homo review the movie "Zoo" about bestiality? 

"It's just like if you love your wife." Another, who calls himself the Happy Horseman, ventures, "You're connecting with another intelligent being." But the more the men talk, the more this pretense unravels. "I don't need a high level of emotional interaction," says a zoophile who goes by the name Coyote. The Happy Horseman agrees. A horse "has no idea what Tolstoy is, or Keats," he explains. "You can't discuss the difference between Monet and Picasso. That just doesn't exist for their world. It's a simpler, very plain world. And for those few moments, you kind of can get disconnected."

In other words, horses are bimbos.

And he has never heard of Gore Vidal who bragged about having reasonably anonymous sex with more than 1000 other homosexuals? And what happens at homo saunas? Oh, these aren't bimbos, these are faggots, is that why we can't equate it to the respective homosexuals who have a very disconnected psychology about sexual relations?

No, no - it's all heterosexual if it's bad, of course.

It's just like a gay orgy, except that it's the opposite.

Like when war is peace, or it's all equal, except it's all different. Get it?


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