Friday, April 27, 2007

The very fascinating hate law criteria 

'Austria and Belgium both have laws criminalizing holocaust denial, as does France whose law extends to criminalization of the denial of crimes against humanity “as tried at Nuremberg”.'

What is interesting in our world is that it has become a crime to lie about the data regarding the violence committed in the Holocaust, but it is not a crime to lie about enormous chunks of violence that are going on currently, i.e., the epidemic levels of violence perpetrated by homosexuals, nor about many other types of violence that get consistently hidden from public view. (Usually accompanied by lack of studies, doctored up statistics and all that).

This is why so-called "hate crime" laws are fascinating, they provide us with an X-ray of who has power in society. People in power are always shaping the system to guarantee impunity for their wrong-doing and to prosecute to the full extent of all applicable laws anyone that does anything they don't like (specially if it relates to them).

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