Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Estimate for homosexual male domestic violence: 650,000 gay men are annually battered in the US alone 

From Judith A. Reisman, Author of "Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences"

When “dirty linen” is hidden, public debate is uninformed and distorted. Homosexual authors David Island and Patrick Letellier expose inter-gay violence in their book, Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them, estimating that up to “650,000 gay men”[28] are annually battered, “a gay man is abused… every 90 seconds.” [29] How many of these battered men die at the hands of other homosexual men? Yet, even Island and Letellier find establishment media and the homosexual media will not print the truth about inter-gay violence. Why? They say:

It would be just plain bad press for gays and…all bad news needs to be suppressed… [Add the authors] gay men truly…have a proportionate share of violent individuals in their midst who bash other gay men [and boys] in startlingly high numbers.[30] The gay community needs to recognize that wealthy, white educated, “politically correct” gay men batter their lovers.[31]

As Farah noted, much of the Fourth Estate currently discriminates by employing only bi/homosexuals to cover “sexual orientation” issues, further compromising the public’s ability to obtain unbiased reports. [32] In a rare “politically incorrect” media event the popular television drama “ER”[33] showcased inter-gay male battery as a not uncommon occurrence in emergency wards--and one that too often has led to domestic “homicides.”


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