Friday, November 03, 2006

Haggard - And another bisexual piece of trash is outed! 

Step Down And The Press Steps Up

Let's say you're, oh, I don't know, an evangelical preacher who has been accused of having a three-year sexual relationship with a male prostitute while using crystal meth. Media outlets aren't sure how to play the story, since no evidence, other than the word of the escort, has surfaced. What do you do?

One hint: Don't step aside. When Mike Jones told a Denver radio station about his alleged relationship with Rev. Ted Haggard, who opposes gay rights (and presumably meth use, though I'd have to confirm that), many media outlets reacted cautiously. The Denver Post ran a small story. The national media waited to see how it would play out. But when Haggard stepped down, the kind of action that offers a solid news peg, he gave the press a green light to have at the story.

In fairness, it looks like Haggard had little choice – according to the acting senior pastor at Haggard's church, "there is an admission of some guilt" from Haggard. Wrote the acting senior pastor in an e-mail to Church members: "It is important for you to know that he confessed to the overseers that some of the accusations against him are true."

As y'all know, I say, get them OUT.

If he were in the Republican party, he would have been immediately admitted to the same Foley rehab facility. His lawyer could always add an unknown alcohol addiction to the already known meth addiction, the poor thing. Not only alcohol, but meth too. Should we take out our handkerchiefs? Another victim of the bottle and the little pills made him go after a homo prostitute.

Did you come across the reported information of how much Foley's luxury resort, I mean, pederast coddling rehab facility costs per day? Minimun $1300 a DAY.

I would be happier if he had been thrown in a half-way house in a bad part of Detroit, but you know, I have that thing called scruples about how not to coddle sexual predators, it's not in vogue nowadays. I did not see a single article report who is paying for Foley's resort spree.

And Haggard's wife? Was she into it?

Maybe she can take solace here.

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