Thursday, October 05, 2006

How to tell if your husband is gay - really sound advice 

I kid you not - this is not an Ace post. It's supposedly a serious article, but if you read it and get a sense the world has now definitely gone mad, specially regarding what the psycho-nut recommends, it just means you are sane and have not yet gotten to the point of cheering your husband for his Foley-like behavior. Or his McGreevey behavior. Or his- what's the name of that married-with-kids British liberal politician that was outed by his homo SM prostitutes?

My comments to this one paragraph in brackets.

The fact that he's cheating with another man doesn't necessarily mean the end of a marriage. [given that there is no more ethical meaning to any definition of marriage once the homo-obsessed marriage activists started emptying marriage of it's purpose and meaning, why should anything end a marriage nowadays? In fact, having a homo or bisexual husband who cheats on you does not need to end your marriage, it doesn't need to end anything, quite on the contrary, it can be the beginning of a HIV-positive life which later develops into AIDS, homo prostitutes coming to your home, having milk and cookies with the kids. Ah the joys of marriage with a homo! ]

Some people can sustain those marriages, but you need to find out if he's having sex with one or two people or picking up strangers that he's having sex with in a park.
[One or two people? How about 53 other homos in one night? Shouldn't you find out about that either?]

Get at the real issues, like how long has this been going on, have you been having safe sex? [Does the use of the word "real" here seem a little contradictory?]

You need to find out how deeply entrenched he is in this lifestyle. [I'll pass on the jokes on this one]

Once you have that information, then you can make an intelligent decision on how to deal with the situation: should you stay with him, should you go to counseling? [As intelligent as it gets]

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