Thursday, July 20, 2006

I've been drafting some posts... 

but have no time to write something coherent, so I will just post bits and pieces of life flutterings.

Here are some of the issues, nevertheless:
- the hypocrisy of the public vs private spheres regarding how diseased modern sexuality is. Every form of degradation is allowed in the private (including the artificially private world of porn), but hypocritically condemned in public. Inspiration about writing this sparked from Ace and one of his frequenters, geoff, who embody a lot of this hypocrisy.

- the extreme egotism that shapes core fundaments of liberal sexuality (and that comes through very prominently in their pro-homosexuality ideology).

- a typology of some of the most prevalent ad hominem attacks used by pro-homosexuals against their opponents, as well as some of the most fundamentally wrong claims regarding their opponents.

- a draft of the aspects of denial that we find in pro-homosexual psychological profiles (such as demonstrated by these garbage of extreme pro-homos such as andy and Elais ).

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