Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The corrupt fox guarding the corrupt chicken house 

From Huff robert-naiman:
In his struggle to retain his position as President of the World Bank, Wolfowitz has retained the services of Robert Bennett, "a high-powered Washington lawyer known for adept legal skirmishing and negotiation," the Times notes today.

Guess what Mr. Bennett is threatening? To disclose the salaries and perks of others at the Bank:

"[He] also indicated that he was prepared to keep the temperature raised, possibly by demanding the public release of the salaries and perquisites of others at the bank.

A full public airing of the high salaries at the bank is not something that top bank officials want, many bank officials say. They may seek to avoid a confrontation if only to avoid calling Mr. Bennett's bluff."

Well then. Why don't Bank employees call Mr. Bennett's bluff? If Wolfowitz's critics in the Bank's staff association release the salary and benefit information - to which they surely have access - then Mr. Bennett won't be able to use the disclosure of this information as a threat.

And - it could be argued - as the World Bank is a taxpayer-financed institution, this information should be a matter of public record anyway.

It looks like Mr. Wolfowitz will stay at the World Bank and remain as president long after all the current staff has passed away into eternity. :-)

Hah! What interesting times these must be at the Bank right now. So many arms being twisted, so many threats, the bank dinausaurs screeching and jousting at each other with their razor-sharp claws...

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