Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech - their diversity "Safe Zones" ressource manual 

I had never seen one of these homo "Safe Zones" manuals before and there is a lot of material in it that requires criticism. (I actually came across it because I went to check out VT's web site after the sad killing events; I was curious as to what kind of a place it was as a university environment - more conservative or more liberal?)

In the VT "Safe Zones" manual, and their suggestions for creating a "Safe Zone," they write:

Recruit and hire "out" LGBT staff and faculty. View sexual orientation as a positive form of diversity that is desired in a multicultural setting. Always question job applicants about their ability to work with LGBT students, staff, and faculty.

So, you see, according to homo activists, an applicant should not be hired based on scruples, mental health, knowledge, or competence, but if they have a declared sexual dysfunction of homosexuality.

They are also adamant about questioning job applicants if they have "an ability to work with LBGT people." One would assume that "working with LBGT people" means to further their own collective denial and ignorance about dysfunctions in sexuality and their own propagandistic ideology.


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