Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech - their diversity "Safe Zones" ressource manual 

I suppose no questions asked if these "OUT" homo candidates sexually harass others, if they batter their own lovers, if they promote the denigration and exploitation of people through pornography and prostitution, because for people with a praxis of sexual violence and its own simultaneous denial, these are non-issues.

However, the non-asking of these and other questions demonstrate that what these people desire is the implementation of a pink mafia in university departments, that is, a creation of a "Homosexual" zone, and not a safe zone. This is a zone which is anything but safe regarding the afore-mentioned problems and so many others.

It also begs the question for legal theorists, can the push for hiring someone because of their homosexual dysfunction, which, in liberal speak, is called orientation, be qualified as an unequal hiring practice vis à vis other non-homosexually dysfunctional candidates?

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