Saturday, April 21, 2007

VaTech tragedy: A wake up call for America’s mental health 

Goshen -- The unfortunate events of the Virginia Tech tragedy, are an important reminder that our nation has a long way to go in ensuring that individuals who are mentally ill receive the mental health services they need to live productive lives at home and in their communities, according to Nadia Allen, executive director of the Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc.

MHA urges local, state and federal decision-makers to take a leading role in rectifying this by investing in an integrated, prevention-focused mental health service system for all.

“Unfortunately, the perpetrator of the Virginia Tech tragedy, is just one of millions of Americans who do not receive much-needed mental health services each year,” said Allen. “It is time that our elected officials make mental health a priority. In addition, each of us must take personal responsibility for promoting mental wellness in schools, workplaces and neighborhoods throughout our community.”

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