Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tom Jones, gyms, and diseased sexualities 

On the contrary, I was addressing some very specific cultural, attitudinal, and demeanor changes that have happened in the last 50 years which I think are profoundly important for society and which show just how much degradation exists today in our so-called “liberal” (read stinking) culture.

I recently went to check out a gym and what do I encounter? A really sleazy environment, full of homosexuals and bisexuals giving you all kinds of really perverse sexual looks (the kind that we would only see in the past in some disgusting men, you know, raw sexual aggression, emotionally very, very perverse) and nowadays, we see in women with a homosexual or bisexual problem all the time.

I was waiting for the try-out class to start, when a female instructor decidedly walks over to talk to me with this same kind of demeanor. It was clear that the slime thought that just because I stepped into the gym that I must be a piece of trash like her. A frequent problem with homo and bisexual women, by the way, as well as pedophiles and people who exploit prostitution – they are often obsessed that you must think like they do. And if you don't immediately show that you think like they do, well, it can only be because you must be closeted. And, so they think, that if they open up to you, you will react as they expect, that is, they will find another homosexual/pedophile/slime. They are profoundly eager and often obsessed at finding that other people have their same diseased mind, which in their own logic is legitimate, or, it's something they obsess about legitimizing, a legitimization process that must be gained by the approval they expect you will give, among others.

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