Thursday, April 19, 2007

A tale of two professors regarding Cho 

[The problem with a shoddy system is also that you have a chain of shoving a case along with an absolutely futile result along every shoved step of the way. Complaints or inquiries just go from one "department" after another and nothing efficacious gets done.]

``At first he would hardly say anything, and I was lucky to get, say, in 30 minutes, four or five monosyllabic answers from him,'' she said. ``But bit by bit, he began to tell me things.''

During their hourlong sessions, Roy encouraged Cho to express himself in writing. She would compose poems with him, contributing to the works herself and taking dictation from him.

``I tried to keep him focused on things that were outside the self a little bit,'' said Roy, who has been at Virginia Tech for 22 years. ``Because he seemed to be running inside circles in a maze when he was talking about himself.''

He was ``very guarded'' when it came to his family. But she got him to open up about his feelings of isolation.

``You seem so lonely,'' she told him once. ``Do you have any friends?''

``I am lonely,'' he replied. ``I don't have any friends.''

Suitemates and others have said Cho rejected their overtures of friendship. Roy sensed that Cho's isolation might be largely self-imposed.

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