Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sexual Harassment and Abuse on Campus and in Schools 

She said that after she turned in a draft of the report last May, she received feedback from the department that led her to believe that the literature review was no longer intended to lay the groundwork for a future study. In a letter stating that the Education Department "has not made plans to conduct further work on a national study on sexual abuse in schools," Ms. Shakeshaft was asked to change the original subtitle of her report, which was "A Synthesis of Existing Literature in Connection With the Design of a National Analysis."

Carlin Mertz, an Education Department spokesman, indicated that the department did not intend a full-blown study of the issue at the present time.

"That's all we're going to do right now," said Mr. Mertz.

You would think that youngsters' serious safety issues would be at least in the top five highest priority problems for educators, if not the top priority. What good is a school if you are going to get raped in it?

From which we conclude: Sexual abuse of youngsters is certainly not an issue for liberals, specially if the perpetrators are largely liberal as well. Now if they are Catholic priests...

What would such a study reveal, I wonder? Just how ugly is the picture?

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