Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Comments/Replies at La Shawn's Blog Regarding Cho - Mental Illness and Child Abuse Issues 

Alessandra, re: “I know a few cases of children who were severely abused and all grew up to either be condemned to a life of mental illness (read unspeakable suffering), and or they also became drug/alcohol addicted, or they committed suicide.”

Lest we forget, let us ALSO remember those abused children and rape victims who become some of the world’s best victim advocates. While we remember the few who go bad, let us not forget the millions who learn and become better people for their bad experiences, who instead of spending their lives casting blame at society in general instead choose to use their attackers as a good example of a bad example.

Do not cry for the weak, champion the winners :).

Alessandra, it is EXACTLY the kind of misplaced sympathy you’re displaying that is eroding the common sense in this country.

Comment by mamapajamas


Take my example again – how many times do you need to rape and batter a toddler before they become mentally ill? Is this your example of a child “gone bad?” A “rotten apple?” Do you think a child being tortured chooses to become mentally ill?
Show me a single case of a child that was tortured to death where society was not negligent. I bet you can’t find one.

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