Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Comments/Replies at La Shawn's Blog Regarding Cho - Mental Illness and Child Abuse Issues 

Excerpts of some of my most important comments/replies at La Shawn Barber's Blog regarding Cho and mental illness and child abuse issues.

Alessandra wrote:
“Until these kids pick a gun, and go on a rampage, that is, because apparently this is the only way anyone then bothers to realize they exist.”
That’s a crock of unsubstantiated conjecture!
In fact, student after student said that they reached out to this guy who rebuffed every person in his path. Plenty of folks acknowledged his existence, but it appears that HE is the one who failed to acknowledge the rest of humanity.

Comment by jb — 04.18.07 @ 9:28 pm
JB - your comment shows an extreme amount of ignorance. Firstly, there is evidence that Cho was victimized in school before he got to college. There is evidence that by the time he got to college, he was mentally ill. He was so diagnosed, even if not labeled a threat. For your info, depending on the kind of disturbances in this guy’s mind, he would be partly or totally incapable of connecting or responding in the normal way an ignorant person like you expects.

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