Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Comments/Replies at La Shawn's Blog Regarding Cho - Mental Illness and Child Abuse Issues 

Then people like you come out with the psychotic killer monster framing. Are you happy, are you proud of yourself? Do you know how many cases of child abuse are never discovered? How many truths are buried out of public knowledge because people like you don’t want to know what happened? Are you an authority on Cho’s entire life? Can you affirm what he went through 24-7? Every single article on the news says there were problems from the start. Why? Were you there? Do you know how easy it is for an adult to abuse the child and conceal the fact, and blame the child? What happened to Cho?

I don’t think you want to know. I am not affirming I know anything about Cho’s entire life either. But that it does match other children that I know that were tortured, it does. And I know how vicious people like you are to abused children, specially if they become mentally ill.

Cho did commit murder, there is nothing to excuse, justify, or dismiss there. However, the point is, as long as society will not help people who are quite disturbed, society will act in neglectful, irresponsible ways. And this is what you don’t want to face. No one is trying to justify anything, the objective is education, intervention, treatment - these three things are effective in preventing tragedies. Your diatribe about what a monster Cho is will do nothing to prevent anything in the future.

Comment by alessandra — 04.21.07 @ 4:14 am

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