Friday, April 27, 2007

The fake hate stake 

This excerpt from an old drawn-out discussion. I'm posting because I gave a nice example that contradicts the claim that the only possible motive for expressing disagreement with a liberal sexual ideology is hate. "K" thinks all Christians hate homosexuals, and in looking a particular statement from a church, she offers this as proof of how much these Christians "hate!" (Read on to be shocked regarding vileness! Depravity! Brutality!)

“We believe the Bible is clear; the intimacy of sex is reserved for a man and woman who make a life-long commitment together in the sacrament of marriage"
"K" then adds: "I love the part about hating gays in love (in a loving way, that is, not hating "gays in love"). It's against the will of god, and damaging, but gosh darn it, we love you! And won't you come break bagels with us?"

My reply:

There is no hate above. Religion, in this case, is not a cover for anything [e.g. hate], it is already bared. It stipulates sex should be reserved for within marriage. Saying they hate homosexuals is the same falsity as saying they hate heterosexuals (unmarried ones who are sexually active, that is).

Only someone who refuses to read would say they hate.

Just a cheap distortion to defame them because they understand human behavior should be based on different values and rules. You´ve construed a fake hate stake for you to burn them at.

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