Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Estimate for homosexual male domestic violence: 650,000 gay men are annually battered in the US alone 

The gay community needs to recognize that wealthy, white educated, “politically correct” gay men batter their lovers.

The gay community? Heh. No, it's the liberal and libertarian community, the entire entertainment industry, the corporate establishment, the academic community, and every other community that only serves to promote lies about sexual violence and perpetuating its vicious praxis.

Besides being ignored in the gay and lesbian communities themselves, domestic violence between same-sex partners is a subject that has been largely avoided by governments, law enforcement, and society.

We would also like to pose the following question to liberal homosexual propagandists who label as "full of hate" people who correctly critique today's liberal dysfunctional homosexuality ideology: What is a politically correct homosexual who batters their homosexual lover full of? And what are the junk of liberals who lie about homosexual violence full of?

And isn't it adorable to call a homosexual who batters their lover to death "gay?"

p.s2. Maybe when hell freezes over for the second time, reporters and researchers will spend energy in investigating how many homos and bisexuals who go on Pride Parades batter their partners. A society that claps at Pride Parades is an enormously violent society desperate to be blind.

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