Monday, March 26, 2007


Hello, how are you all? I have been too caught up with a million non-virtual things that are urgent, late or almost late, and top, top, top priority. That does not leave any time to blog. Actually, I've had time, it wasn't the time aspect that was at the root. The slow speed of writing started to bother me. And the lack of face-to-face contact with my nice readers as well. I like to see people and you are all hiding!! ;-) However, I hope to resume a little of my (mostly informal) blogging this semester.

What's new?

Many, many quite interesting things. I have been seeing a ton of movies! And I hope to make a few comments here and there in my blog (specially with the ones I am furious about, because they are so disgusting and detrimental to the human
spirit and mind, but also the ones that make me think).

I have discovered a new career totally by accident! It just so happens that I have senior qualifications to do a certain job and I had never realized it. And it pays nicely and, depending on the situation, it has very little or no stress. Can you imagine that, a job with little or no stress?? I've never experienced that before. Well, if you work in certain situations anyways. So, I have started procedures to take off as a freelancer, although that might take quite awhile (building a client base, etc.), if I achieve it at all.

I'm also teaching and another wonderful new discovery came my way this year regarding this activity. I am teaching to a certain group of people that I had never had much contact with, specially as students, and they are great (with the usual exceptions along the lines of pigs with the appearances of women that I blog about here). And it's been the most enjoyable teaching experience I've ever had.

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