Monday, March 26, 2007

Greetings (cont) (cont.) 

(beginning of this text is two posts below!)

I have discovered YouTube. Yes, 50 years later than everyone else, evidently ;-) When I first heard about it, I thought it was just a bunch of morons posting their own home videos and why would I want to look at that? Well, it is a bunch of morons
posting themselves up, but... we have real performers as well! So I have delighted myself in looking at old clips from Edith Piaf, Tom Jones, Aretha Franklin, and Chris Rock, among others. "It's not UN-U-SU-AL to be loved by anyone... tarararahhhhhh"

You know, I used to think Tom Jones was so corny, but now with pigs of people controlling the entertainment business and the sexuality/sexiness discourse and praxis in our society, I think he is quite refreshing. He doesn't degrade, vulgarize, demean, deprave, degenerate. So refreshing.

I now have a multi-gadget cellphone thingy that does almost everything but microwave food ;-) I am quite hooked on it. An unexpected interesting discovery related to having such a phone is that I found out I do not like to watch TV while going
about my errands. And the opposite goes for music. Sometimes I have to tell myself a hundred times to just hum because I am ready to burst out in a duet with whoever I am listening to.

I also had an idea for a real big project, but I am stuck at a certain point, like my mind is frozen, and all the other million things keep my mind space too cluttered for me to sit down and dream about this project. But, it's there, it's urgent, and
hopefully I will get around to it later this year.

So, this is a little update on this quiet Sunday.

Talk to you all later.

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