Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh, That Sugar Fix! 

And I have a cold again. Today marks the one-week anniversary, with each day presenting a different symptom. Nothing really bad, but just enough to make me have one horribly sedentary week. On Monday, I thought I was pretty much OK and I went to play sports and almost died. And today, more than any other day, I just craved the entire day to have one sugar fix after another, just to get that morose feeling out of my system. But gladly, I didn't do it, just had a lovely piece of strawberry pie for dessert at lunch. I have discovered a nearby supermarket that makes wondrous pies for a bargain price every week. I feasted on a pear pie the week before last. But this week's special was a chocolate flan pie (not my taste). I like flans but not in pies, I like them by themselves or with caramel sauce. So I bought a strawberry pie, at 50% more than the bargain price, but lovely nevertheless.

I also saw at the same place they are selling a gym step. And I keep postponing buying it because I have a feeling I won't use it. I like running or cycling watching TV at the gym, but at home, it always puts me off for some reason. I am now trying to find a nice gym, but I don't even know if there are any in my area. The last one I went to see was horrible.

Listened to "Classic Twang" at accuradio all afternoon.

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