Saturday, October 14, 2006

What do you want to do with your life? 

This is a fun and intriguing blog to look at and think about.

Today's most popular goals

1. stop procrastinating 11736 people, 26 people today
2. lose weight 14694 people, 22 people today
3. Get a tattoo 7741 people, 21 people today
4. drink more water 7367 people, 19 people today
5. Kiss in the rain 6423 people, 19 people today
6. Fall in love 9869 people, 18 people today
7. get married 7509 people, 18 people today
8. write a book 10043 people, 16 people today
9. see the northern lights 6634 people, 16 people today
10. be happy 8830 people, 13 people today
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When you see that "get a tatto" is the number 3 priority, you see in just what a mess the world now stands at. All in all, all very "me, me, me - 24/7" type goals. Not that there is anything unhealthily egotistical about falling in love or getting married, but still, it's not your community/generosity type goals that appear.

All-Time Most Popular Goals

1. lose weight 14693 people
2. stop procrastinating 11736 people
3. write a book 10043 people
4. Fall in love 9869 people
5. be happy 8829 people
6. Get a tattoo 7741 people
7. get married 7509 people
8. drink more water 7367 people
9. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination 7330 people
10. travel the world 6907 people

I just want to have a little bit of luck, that is all I need, just a little bitty bit of luck and I am all set.

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