Saturday, October 21, 2006

Very Cool 

So here I was sitting near a building that has a wi-fi connection and a place for people to sit down with their computers and because of this, it attracts a lot of students. I see a young blind buy with a walking stick start to come down the path that kind of goes by this side of the building. He seemed to be counting his steps and not really know the area. At first I wasn't sure if he was learning the terrain on a calm Saturday afternoon, if he was exploring the area or what. I kept looking up to see if he seemed lost, feeling unsure if I should get up and go ask him if he needed help. But then I wondered if that would bother him, if it would convey some helplessness prejudice, so I decided to wait and see if he would yield more clues as to what he was doing. He came across the end of the path and hit the road, having passed the building. He did a ninety degree turn, now starting to go around the front of the building but he seemed not to be finding his way. Just then two students passed near him and he asked for their help. Then they helped him come and sit down near the side of the building - which was what he had been looking for. He took out his laptop from his backpack, put on earphones, and proceeded to surf the Internet. Very cool.

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