Friday, October 20, 2006

So who’s impressed with Mark Foley’s lame excuses? 

Jean Sellmeyer Smith

Excuse No. 1: “I was victimized as a child by a clergyman.” So what?
A huge number of youngsters were. Some, like Foley, grow up and extend the hurtful behavior to a new generation. Others, thank, God, devote their lives to protecting kids.

Excuse No. 2: “I’m an alcoholic.” Come on, Foley! Of course alcoholism is a disease. I know hundreds of alcoholics, just average run-of-the-mill alcoholics, and they don’t use their illness as an excuse to ‘come on’ to youngsters — via the Internet or otherwise.

Excuse No. 3: “I never actually had physical contact with them,” How do we know? Judging from Foley’s e-mails, it appears the absence of ‘acting out’ wasn’t because he didn’t try.

Excuse No. 4: From Fo-ley’s lawyer: “Sixteen is the age of consent in Washing-ton.” If that’s so, it’s pitiful.

I’m sick and tired of kids being sent off to school to be murdered. And now, being sent off to Washington to witness democracy in action in the land of the free, the home of the brave — only to find the land of a longtime lawmaker who heads a committee to stop this stuff — while he’s doing it!

When do we ‘get it’ that something is dreadfully wrong?

This letter touches on an issue that the press has not dealt with. No person with an abuse history that has access to all the privileges in the world has a valid excuse for not seeking treatment to his diseased sexual predator mind. This is Foley's case. And his is a sexually diseased homosexual mind and character. (Because of possible dishonest pro-homo readers out there, we are forced to add: saying there are diseased homosexuals is equal to saying there are diseased heterosexuals - it does not mean that all homosexuals or all heterosexuals are mentally diseased - although our culture suggests sane people are in decline ;-) It is a statement to counter the lie that pro-homos try to assert that there are no mentally diseased homosexuals and that homosexuals are "all victims and good all the time, everywhere.")

First, seeking help is usually based on a conflation of privileges. There can be cases of people who are extremely dysfunctional, but who do not have any access to any help or treatment resources, starting with lacking the knowledge of who they should go for help and that they need to seek it. These people may be poor/lacking in resources, or isolated, or uneducated, or severely mentally ill (or any other combinations of such and other factors). This is clearly not the case of a well-informed, wealthy, well-connected politician with access to everything one could dream of. Foley is a predatory slime without a shred of character because he never sought reform or treatment. One has to add, on a bit of a tangent, that finding a therapist who is capable of recognizing a homosexual like Foley is dysfunctional and is harmful is getting harder and harder in today's culture, but they aren't that impossible to find either. And it is not like Foley even thought he should try. And that's where the crux of the problem lies.

For Foley, a pro-homo slime, the notion that he has a dysfunctional set of attitudes and behavior regarding his sexuality is out of the question, so why seek to change? Why even recognize that a lot stinks with his homosexuality? This everything-homosexual legitimizing attitude is the result of liberalism, the NAMBLA-ization of culture (nicely achieved through a dandy veneer of "gay rights") and the legimitization of pro-homosexuality, which legitimizes a lot of exploitative and abusive behavior in the name of freedom and normalcy for "gays." Such legitimation moves also include flatly denying that non-heterosexuals engage in exploitative and abusive behaviors. Our current "NAMBLA-called-nicely-gay" state of affairs is an expansion of a heterosexual sexually abusive culture that has always simmered beneath the surface, but which is also getting more and more "normalized" with each passing day.

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