Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Radio Host Faces the San Francisco Inquisition 

Homofascist lawmakers demand firing of commentator who questioned immoral "co-parenting" scheme

by Cinnamon Stilwell (Excerpt) Read more at cinnamonstillwell.blogspot.com ...

Well, it looks like the San Francisco Thought Police is up to its old tricks again.

Demonstrating the sort of Stalinist tendencies for which the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has become infamous, supervisors Tom Ammiano, Aaron Peskin, Chris Daly and Ross Mirkarimi are demanding the resignation of KGO talk show host Pete Wilson (pictured). Assemblyman Mark Leno has chimed in for good measure.

It seems Pete Wilson committed the cardinal sin for San Francisco. He dared to question the local liberal "gay" (LGBTQWERSIPOKJ...) community.

Wilson was critical of the platonic co-parenting (as it's known around here) of "gay" supervisor Bevan Dufty and his "lesbian" friend Rebecca Goldfader, who recently gave birth to their baby. The two are planning to move into the same building in November and raise the child together. Wilson had the audacity to refer to the coupling of sorts as "non-loving" and the baby as an "experiment," among other things.

But the truth is, both of these observations are accurate. Dufty and Goldfader do not in fact have any romantic attachment to each other, for obvious reasons. And such nontraditional "families" are experimental. We won't really know the outcome until these children grow up.

But just the fact that Wilson was critical in any way, shape or form was enough to put him on the chopping block. Supervisor Dufty, to his credit, has not joined in the call for Wilson's head. But his colleagues are now demanding not only Wilson's resignation, but also an on-air apology and a KGO listener and advertiser boycott.

Thus far, KGO has stood by Wilson, but it remains to be seen how owner ABC7 will react. Board president Aaron Supervisor warned ominously that "it is...our job to tell you and the public when your industry makes a mistake and abuses your power."

Abusing power by voicing an opinion?

All of this is starting to sound eerily familiar.

And a similarly well-written criticism by Debra J. Saunders

Intolerance, a San Francisco treat

SAN FRANCISCANS may think of their town as a haven for tolerance, but once again, S.F. supervisors are showing the rest of America how intolerant The Special City can be. Forget a flower in your hair. If you come to San Francisco, be sure to wear a muzzle on your brain.

Criticize a supervisor, and some supes will do their utmost to get you fired.

Last week, KGO radio talk-show host Pete Wilson made some comments about a child born to Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who is gay, and Rebecca Goldfader, who is a lesbian. As Wilson put it, a baby is "not an experiment. It is not an opportunity to see how far you can carry your views on parenting, alternative lifestyles or diversity in family structures."

And: "Look around you, folks. You think the high divorce rate in this country has been, generally speaking, good for kids? So, why not start out divorced? See if that'll work." (While I am sure Dufty's daughter is a beautiful child, I, too, wonder if this Instant Family will last.)

Wilson supports same-sex marriage and gay parenting. Doesn't matter. Last week, S.F. Supervisors Tom Ammiano, Chris Daly, Ross Mirkarimi and Aaron Peskin held a press conference at which they called Wilson "homophobic" and demanded that he resign his job.

Yes, San Francisco is very tolerant -- unless you hold the wrong opinion. Then the supes will try to get you fired.

Dufty, to his credit, wrote in an e-mail to Wilson that read I do not want you to "resign or lose your position over this incident." Wilson marveled Monday that Dufty "showed more class than anyone else in this."

Be it noted, Wilson has apologized -- not for his misgivings about parenting and children -- but for using "inappropriate" and overly personal language. Still, the uproar may not be over, as Wilson also anchors ABC7 TV news.


Deliberately ignoring Wilson's point, Ammiano accused the talk-show host of trying to "dehumanize a week-old baby." He declared that Wilson's "manhood is threatened." Noting that he would never criticize Wilson's offspring, Ammiano added, "I would never ask how much grunting and sweating there was -- and God knows it probably it didn't last very long -- at that kid's conception."

Feel the love?


Leno, who like Ammiano is gay, told me, "I'm not going to criticize those supervisors." As he sees it, S.F. and gays are "the aggrieved party. We're the ones who are getting beaten up." Ammiano accused Wilson of "abuse of privilege," Peskin cited "abuses" of power.

Except in this case, gays and S.F. supes are in power -- and they're trying to get a man fired for expressing views they don't like. They clearly don't appreciate the beauty of free speech: When you don't like what someone says, you talk back. You don't silence dissenters, unless you are afraid of what they say.

If you want the world to understand who you are, you show understanding for others.

If Ammiano wanted to send a message -- that when the gay lobby has power, straight Americans will enjoy less freedom -- he could not have done a better job.

Which is why the homos and pro-homos "investigating" the Foley predatory scandal cannot be trusted to be ethical or effective.

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