Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Other Fishy Business Besides Statutory Rape on Studds' Résumé 

Studds, who had been living quietly out of the limelight in recent years, raised eyebrows after leaving Congress when he accepted a job as executive vice president of Massachusetts Heavy Industries Inc., a firm planning to return shipbuilding to Fore River shipyard in Quincy.

While in Congress, Studds was instrumental in crafting a shipyard revitalization bill that became the source of loan guarantees for Heavy Industries owner Sotirios Emmanouil.

Heavy Industries later defaulted on about $80 million in government-backed loans in a failed effort to re-open the shipyard.

State Auditor Joseph DeNucci reported in 2003 that Studds billed the embattled New Bedford Oceanarium about $195,000 in consulting fees during a two-year period without documenting how much time he spent on the project, his hourly compensation rate or what services he provided.

DeNucci’s audit of the proposed $67 million aquarium criticized officials for no-bid contracts and inadequate controls over consultant contracts.

Along with all the "homo pioneer" carnival of compliments, plus the hero adulation from other liberals, Sen. Edward Kennedy was among those who recently praised Studds’ leadership on issues involving the fishing industry and protection of ocean resources. For unimaginable reasons, he failed to mention the specific Oceanarium controversy.

p.s. Just out of curiosity, I'd like to know where the page that had the sexual relationship with Studds is now in life.

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