Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How Nice It Would Be to Have More than Two Parties 

My view is it needs to start local or maybe local and state -- and then after consolidating on these levels, move towards the federal level (while continuing the lobbying):

It Is Time For Christians To Leave The Republican Party
posted October 17, 2006

"Jesus wasn’t riding an elephant into town"

There would probably be more believers if more Christians thought this way. I am grateful for the many GOP leaders have done to fight for Christian values in America. Although fine Americans such as Billy Graham,Dr. D. James Kennedy Tony Evans, Joel Osteen, Don Wildmon, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Tony Perkins, Phyllis Schlafly, T.D. Jakes, James Dobson, Franklin Graham, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Ron Parsaly, Ron Phillips and others have fought the fight as well for the pro-family movement. We all have scars to prove it.

But it is time to build an ark. It is time to leave the Republican Party.

I know that seems like a radical move. But it has become increasingly apparent that the core values of the Republican Party are not Tennessean or Christian values. The Mark Foley Branch of the Log Cabin Republicans has seen to that.

The Republican Party has had success convincing Christians that their party actually is more moral and more sincerely religious than the Democrats. However, the events of the last year have begun to unravel that carefully constructed image. It is time all Christians to ask ourselves if it is possible for God to bless a polluted party.

Make no mistake, the Republican Party is polluted. I have found that out locally here in Bradley County. It's obvious to me that both the Republicans and the leaders of the Religious Right are contemptuous of rank and file conservative Christians, not each other. By forming a new party we cast a new direction united and committed to do the work together. I fear the Mark Foley scandal is only a small part of the problem.

So now is the time to form our own party. It is exactly what this country needs at a time like this, controlling spending, undoing and preventing liberal damage, and presenting a noble and honest agenda. While we still have the influence to do it we must take action. Remember how quickly people got behind Ross Perot? Can’t our Christian leaders like a Ron Phillips do the same? We have the resources and the network. It is time to stop wasting them on Republicanism, even at the local level.

There's a vacuum to be filled in the evangelical leadership by preachers and leaders who eschew worldly, political power for its own sake. The world has gotten smaller. The power of the internet has changed the way Americans communicate. With one click of a mouse, millions can be alerted to truth. A network of churches and ministries already exists. We can override the lunacy of television ads, without spending a dime.

If we focus now on 2008, here is how we can do it:

· Begin now to build the network of partnerships of those who espouse Christian values. Much of it is already in place.

· Draft a quality Christian leader as the 2008 presidential candidate. One that has proven his mettle. We begin working for this election now. Work to get them on the ballot in all fifty states. Stay out of the Republican primary. Build a war-chest for the general election.

· Begin a training program for future candidates in Constitutional government as it relates to God-ordained freedoms. Train up men who will not compromise for personal gain. Courageous men who stand in the face of the anti-god establishment. Men who will restore Constitutional government. Men in the tradition of Madison and Washington. In two years we will have a group of God-fearing men to run in local races.

· Hire experts to create PAC’s that will support the candidates giving opportunities for Christians to donate to Godly candidates, rather than compromised Republicans. Thumb your nose at the IRS. Would Jesus be silent on the great moral issues of the day because he was afraid of losing His tax-exempt status?

· Give no money to Republican or Democratic candidates - only those who join the new party.

· Offer current, God-fearing officials an alternative to status quo politics, and offer an alternative party for them to join.

Things are not looking good for Republicans. It is time to abandon ship, to build an ark, to raise the standard. Republicanism is making Christianity look bad. The Republican leadership mocks us and throws crumbs from the table during election years.

America needs bold new leadership. Christians still have the influence to pull it off. But we must be willing to give up our ceremonial seat at the Republican table? With leadership comes responsibility and the Lord will hold us all accountable for the compromising of His standards.

The detractors will tell us a third-party can’t win, that we will only divide the vote, that Hillary will be president. She might well be. I say God will do something great if we honor His name and His ways. Matthew 19:6 "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

So, America, who will you choose to believe?

Greg Cain

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