Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Homo Obsession and How it Corrupts Action in Predator Cases 

GOP Must Take the Offensive on Foley, and Everything Else

Talk to rank-and-file conservatives anywhere in America on any issue on any day, and their number-one complaint is always this: “the Republicans don't stand up for themselves the way Democrats do”.

They're right. The Mark Foley case proves it.

When the maybe-a-pedophile-maybe-just-a-sicko Foley scandal broke, Speaker Hastert's troops all went on defense. They explained (convincingly to some) that it's not reasonable to assume from an email asking what a page wants for his birthday that a Congressman is a pervert who ought to be in jail. They also noted (correctly) that if they had gone after him on such scanty evidence, the media would have annihilated them for “homophobia”.

This guy is on crack for all the beginning of this article up until the last sentence. Then he really hits the truth. The media would have certainly tarred and feathered the Republicans if they had outed and ousted Foley solely on the evidence of his suggestive-friendly emails. And this just goes to show how pro-homos are in a position to make everyone cower and bend-over into inaction and silence over a tiny little threat of being called "gay-basher" or "full-of-hate." And if boys get abused as a result, too bad, homos must be idolized and cuddled at all costs. Even if we may never know if Foley went physical with minors, many others have. And for the majority of all these cases, the only result is a total silence on what happened.

It all goes together. The lie that homos and bisexuals do not prey on minors and that this was a "homophobic" hyperbolic myth. The lie that homos and bisexuals do not prey and harass heterosexuals. The lie that being pro-homo is some sort of progress or good attitude. The lie that any accusation against a non-heterosexuals is some sort of homo witch hunt (my blog has 3000 such examples).

Basically we have a seriously inept and irresponsible media regarding issues of sexual harassment and violence as a whole. They are joined by other types of authority agencies and the producers of culture and ideology in society. Secondly, they all act together to idolize homosexuality and construct homos as victims. Bisexuality is more erased from the picture than actually idolized. When there is a problem, the victims of sexual/personal exploitation are mostly powerless against their non-heterosexual perpetrators, just like most victims of heterosexual perpetrators. A pro-homo society doesn't want to face this truth about how criminal and lacking in scruples homos and bisexuals are. It goes against the pro-homo lie that "homos just want to love each other -and they are always consensual adults." A cloud of denial and repression of the truth about non-heterosexual violence sets in. When a case breaks through the cloud of lies and denial, the "we are so surprised" chorus begins, followed by "it's only Mark Foley - and no others," followed by the blame game.

But back to the cultural climate. There is such a McCarthyist dynamics to this "gay-bashing" accusation ploy at the moment. Everyone is afraid of being tarred and feathered by the pro-homos. The pro-homos are engaging in a kind of ad hominem arm-twisting tactic. "If you don't say my line, I'll attack you. If you don't lie like I do, I'll call you full-of-hate. If you don't keep quiet about how ugly the truth is regarding non-heterosexuals, I'll destroy you. If you strive to bring out the truth about any sexual harassment or predatory behavior, I'll call you hysterically repressive and homophobic."

It's ugly.

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