Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Against the "Blame the Pages" Crusade 

Oct 22, 2006 — I was disappointed to see that Todd Platts' response to the Foley scandal is that "we might need to rethink the congressional page program." ("Platts: Fix Page Program," Oct. 8).

Fix the page program? Is he serious? The only thing wrong with the page program is that it places young men and women in close proximity to Congress - a Congress whose members allegedly include pedophiles, and whose leadership is more interested in retaining power than in protecting young people.

The answer is to fix Congress. The time has come to expect more from our elected officials. A good starting point would be to demand that every congressman demonstrate morals that are better than those of the average inmate in the state prison system. Voters should hold the Republican leadership accountable for looking the other way for at least a year. Republicans win elections claiming that their "family values" are important. Maybe the Republicans deserve to lose an election when they let us all down.


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