Saturday, August 05, 2006

A radical lesbian feminist trapped in a man's body 

This description made me burst out laughing when I read it! This is one messed up guy. No, he is not any female, in brain or emotion, he is just too messed up to know it though. And given who he hangs out with, he will sadly never get a clue.

The first workshop I attended addressed a simple, yet crucial question: what is feminism? Conference attendees debated the definition—is feminism about equal rights or equality, equal opportunity or equality of results? A young woman stood up in the back row. "I just want to remind everyone that we need to use trans-inclusive language when we talk about this definition," she said. Huh? The discussion continued: Why is there a stigma around the word "feminism"? The answer: Homophobia. "People are either homophobic or unwilling to take on that fight," a participant explained. Everyone nodded. I stayed silent, still confused over the trans-inclusive language comment—what did this have to do with feminism?

In a subsequent workshop, someone asked how NOW could attract more male members. The trans-inclusive language police would have none of it: "When we talk about gender, we can't forget there are more than two genders. We don't want to exclude transgender people."

A male presenter admitted to applying to law school as "a radical lesbian feminist trapped in a man's body," whatever that is supposed to mean. Luckily, the law school had enough sense to reject his application. All this at a workshop, let alone a conference, designed to talk about feminism. This obsession with everything LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and however many more adjectives you want to lump on) would permeate the entire weekend, largely without purpose.

To find out more, continue reading this mostly delightful account of the last NOW conference on what feminism has degenerated into. Makes some of the same points I added to another article I blogged on - "Feminism, so much has changed - for the worse."

p.s. I wonder if there is any woman who is so messed up to think she is a radical male homosexual activist trapped in a woman's body. You know, this would mean a woman that would want to undergo a sex change so that she could stick it to other homos. Does it sound slightly unhinged to you? If so, this means you're just a mean ol' bigot. Or so would say the homo thought police. Liberals are the best when it comes to mental health, aren't they?

Not that there is even anything remotely wrong in a woman thinking she is a radical homo activist trapped in this horrible woman's body. I can only help thinking that liberal doctors would rush to the chance to operate immediately to liberate the radical trapped homo. However, if the same woman claimed she was an anguished homosexual man wanting to escape homosexuality while trapped in a woman's body, we all know liberals would quickly lobotomize her before she could utter another word.

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