Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Migraines - luckily not for me - however... just about everything else 

Clayton writes about migraines. I don't think I've ever had a single migraine in my life. And very fortunately I rarely have headaches, and when I do, they are mostly caused by very easily determined causes, such as a cold or just anxiety and stress, and usually they are not very strong.

However all my luck with not having headaches goes away regarding a million other ills. With colds, it seems I am getting feebler in the recent years. For the first time in my adult life I had a really serious throat ache a couple of years ago, and now I am extremely prone to ear aches, anytime there is a slight cold wind blown in my ears. This is not like being caught in an artic storm, this is like being outside in the winter when there is some wind, and everybody else is not wearing hats and no one else gets an ear ache except me. No escape - it happens immediately or right the next morning - anytime I don't protect my years. And my colds now take forever to finally disappear. I am forced to watch as a different phase goes by each 1-2 weeks, a full cold lasting anywhere from a month to two! That's how long it takes me to get rid of everything. It's murder.

Another horrible degenerative development in the recent years is getting vertigo if I stand up too quickly. This is really annoying, because it freaks me out psychologically. And more irritatingly, doctors think it's nothing. "So what if you feel a little dizzy when you lift up your head quickly? It's no-thing." So what?! My brain is dying, you idiot! This is most serious!

When I first started having these wonderful experiences I thought I would have 3 months to live. I would get the circular whirling lights and stars too, and if you have never had them, it is just like in the cartoons (except without the little birds ;-) But in just an equally mysterious way, the blinking lights stopped appearing, and now I just get plain dizzy. Thus we see that the Hollywood glam dizziness with twinkling stars and laser show is gone. Now it's trailer park dizzy. And the worst of it is in the opposite direction. This weekend I went swimming and when I lay down to rest and closed my eyes, I felt like I was in a roller coaster almost doing a 180 degree flip. The flips just went on and on, and obviously I thought I was going to heaven right then and there.

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