Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just like a horror film. 

That's what it feels like talking to this guy. So I met this guy, let's call him Jay - who is a stupid, incredibly dumb liberal (with some other traits), who doesn't even begin to imagine just how different our views are - and the guy was interested in dating me even after talking to me for awhile!

So, one conversation goes by and it becomes clear as daylight to me that we don't agree on a single thing - have you had a conversation like this? It's like a horror film. Not one single thing matches regarding our understanding of reality or life. And what freaks me out is that after talking for a sufficient time to have this be as stark as it can be - it's somehow not absolutely clear to him! It's not even dimly clear! It doesn't even begin to dawn on him. This is a problem with liberals and other such people, they are so lacking in consciousness about what trash they are, that in their own minds, they think they are swell.

For example, I told him about a guy who is a racist jerk, someone I know personally, that Jay has never met or seen - and guess what Jay replies? "There is no racism in this country." Flat. Categorically. "Maybe he isn't nice, but this guy you know is not a racist, because there is no racism in this country." And Jay was very serious and he didn't like being contradicted. And I am totally freaked out. Extreme denial. There isn't even a tiny breach, like, there is a tiny minority of people who are racists. No, it's absolute - there is NO RACISM. Period. "What psycho medication are you on?" I thought. "Wouldn't it be nice if there were medication involved because then it wouldn't be your freakin' mind that was so warped?" I added to myself.

Has Jay ever taken a walk around the block? Apparently not. But Jay has a chained brain that cannot face that many people are racist.

I hate these so-called "normal" people who are so totally demented psychologically. They have the most skewed brains and apparently they don't notice it. (Like most pro-homosexuals - which I am sure Jay is also). It's like the diseased Elais, who fervently believes ALL homosexuals are ALL nice ALWAYS. Flat. Dogmatic. Blind. It's the mind of idiots - and so many of them are in important positions in life - making decisions with their diseased minds that are so detrimental to society.

I just keep wondering - how can you have such a diseased mind - and never do anything about it? How can your level of denial be so extreme? How can you not have any consciousness whatsoever?

After having to hear this idiot Jay make a series of such blind, dogmatic statements that were completely demented vis a vis reality, I deduced something very intriguing. Everything that Jay denied existing was something that was different from his own experience. For example, he had never experienced racism, THEREFORE, there was no racism - for anyone else. In other words, "I am the world, the world is me, everything begins and ends with me and my belly-button version of human experience." Extreme egotism. Total arrested psychological development.

And something else just occurred to me right now. Jay, who works for a left-wing organization, like many stupid liberals, has picked up some of these faddish social science theories that he likes to apply in the most schizophrenic ways to people in situations that have nothing to do with such theories. Guess what was one of his BIG explanations to everything in the world? The fear of the "other" or "otherness." If you've had any contact with social sciences in the last decades, you know what a fad this was.

Now, what is a person who simply cannot face that other people have experiences different than their own? This is someone who is profoundly afraid of difference, of "otherness." More than fearful, I would say, I perceived Jay as anxiety-ridden regarding any experience that contradicted his. By plopping this "fear of others" dogma on all these other people, Jay was projecting onto others something that profoundly shapes his own mental/psychological dynamics but which apparently he has no awareness of whatsoever. And why does this happen? One explanation could be severe arrested development - therefore Jay has a lack of a capacity to differentiate between his self and others.

Anyways, I find such people so frightening. Not to mention irritating.

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