Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's been hot. 

Good. Summer should be hot. And I usually don't even like air-conditionning. What I don't understand is all the news hoopla about elderly people in Europe dying from a 35-40 C weather. What is the medical explanation? What happens to the body of these people? If 38 degrees C were a killer temperature, half of the population in the Middle East would be dead every year. And so it would be for so many other scorching summer weather countries around the globe. I can understand people dying from freezing cold, I can understand people dying from sunstroke if they are left in the blazing sun all day long, but people comfortably resting indoors?

Unfortunately with all the hoopla that the news media does, there isn't a single explanation to why they think it's the 35 C heat that is causing all these elderly deaths. Without more info, I just find it all quite weird.

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