Sunday, May 28, 2006

That obsessive egotism that is the basis for a liberal mind 

So I was talking to this married woman who is a liberal, but not the worse kind, she does get in touch with reality every now and then.

So she tells, "You don't know what I went through when I was living in bla bla."

"Tell me."

"My best friend, I mean, the most best friend I had ever had, who was also married, she totally betrayed me. You know that kind of rare friend you can tell everything to, that really understands you? We used to talk so much. She totally betrayed me! It was so painful and crushing."

So what pops into my mind? She slept with your husband. But I continue listening, empathic expression on my face. So she goes on, "You can't believe what she did."


"We were both members of this gym, you see, and I found out, right before we moved from there to here, I found out she had slept around with the entire gym!! And she had always kept it a secret from me!! She had never told me anything!! I mean, I don't care if she wants to sleep around, I don't care if anyone wants to sleep with the entire gym, with the entire army, go for it, but she didn't tell me!! And I felt like such a fool, for not knowing it, for thinking that she was my friend and would tell me things."

And I felt like asking her, "Do you know that there is no way a human being can have a more diseased egotistical mind than yours? So you don't care if she betrays her husband, trashes her marriage, her family, betrays everyone else she slept with that also supposedly had a commitment, treats everyone like shit, but it is a problem if she doesn't tell you? You have a diseased mind."

This is why liberals stink so much, they have such a diseased sense of entitlement, they have such a profoundly exaggerated opinion of their own importance, they always think they can destroy anything and anyone for their kicks.

As with the psychological profile of many criminals, liberals are too much trash to have an ounce of ethics or accountability. They are always glibly justifying to themselves their slimy, unethical, harassful, destructive, or violent attitudes and behaviors.

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