Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ridiculous! Le pauvre Goleo! 

This is the most badly designed mascot I recall seeing in a long time.

In this picture, in particular, he looks like he is saying "Baaah" as a sheep! He appears totally uncoordinated and lacking most things associated with a World Cup winner, fierceness and dynamism being a few of biggest ones!

Either you make a really cute and cuddly mascot, or you make an athletic and winner type. Goleo just looks like a horribly gone awry hybrid. Not to mention that he looks too fat for an athlete and not plump enough for a cute baby toy.

Le Monde: Le fabricant de peluchess'est refusé à préciser le nombre de Goleo vendus à travers le monde.

Hmm, 3?

Goleo, dessiné par Jim Henson Company, le fabricant des célèbres poupées du Muppet Show,

Atrocious choice, because he looks very much like a derived Muppet. And what were they thinking with his wind-blown, gelled in every direction hair?? That is not a mane, that is hair as French youngsters trying hard to look hip like to style it.

Produit en Asie pour réduire les coûts, il n'a manifestement pas trouvé son public. Les sarcasmes n'ont pas tardé à fuser à propos de sa tenue. Goleo porte le maillot blanc de l'équipe nationale d'Allemagne et des chaussures noires. Mais il ne porte pas de short.

What were they thinking?! It looks ridiculous!! Either put a shirt and shorts on, and a complete uniform would look cute on a mascot, or he should simply wear nothing human-like. Oh, maybe he was designed by pro-homos... that would explain a lot... ;-)

And what's with the weird design on the soccer ball? A true soccer has black pentagons on it, like on the poster hanging by the display. Even the soccer ball looks gay.

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