Sunday, May 14, 2006

Parasite News 

One thing that I hate about the DrudgeReport is how it constantly feeds to its audience these very violent sexual crimes news bytes, many against children or babies, plus the sexually bizarre ones against adults, and also other extreme child abusive crimes. Most of the time I don’t want to read them. You can guess most of the main components just by the title, it also gives you an idea of exactly how putrid it is, and there is nothing you can do about it, and it just becomes like some parasitical and sadistic form of voyeurism to grotesque acts practiced against children (or adults). What do I picture his audience like? Many are ignorant or yuppie or selfish or with too much time on their hands, educated or not, they like tabloid news, the kind of people who loves to tiltillate themselves with reading about horrible crimes *in detail* - the more prurient the detail, the better - and they do nothing. Nothing, about any of the problems they read about.

Doesn’t this strike you as diseased ?

I hereby proclaim my invention of an inovative news format, which should be adopted by all these news web sites, every single tv news hours, etc. At the end of any news item, you would get a list of organisations to contact, information on legislative action, political action, volunteer possibilities, donation options, etc. The idea being that readers/viewers just don’t sit there like a disgusting parasite getting horror thrills out of the extreme suffering of abused babies and others, but if they did take interest in the matter, they then were at least prompted to act on it and be a responsible and solidary human being.

OK, so there are times when web sites and tv news people already do this, but it’s just a tiny percentage compared to what it could be. And from personal experience, I know that when you prompt people to do good acts, you often get a result *in action*, as compared to the couch potato or computer potato who just does nothing. It may not be a lot of response, but many good people respond.

On a tangential note, you know that studies show that the profile that gives most to donations for third world children organisations are older women ? Women whose own children have grown up and gone, but who nevertheless haven’t lost the sense of their maternal feelings and role in life.

p.s. I had been meaning to write about this for quite some time, because just about every week Drudge posts something like what he has now: "MOTHER HORROR: Fla. Mom Charged With Killing Her Baby... 2 charged with rape of newborn... "

And it always made me angry, it's disgusting. It's the kind of thing that should be against the law, to use child abuse news reports as sensationalist infotainment for a diseased audience.

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