Sunday, May 28, 2006

Apparently well-meaning, but such stoopid people 

So I was looking to join a book-club and ran into an older woman who participates in one, so I asked her for information on it, because, I explained, I was interested in joining one (d'uh).

"You don't want to join mine, there's only old people in it," she said with that "end-of-conversation-I-know-what-you-want" adamant tone of voice.

And I was like, "What??"

What nonsense!! Isn't it irritating when people who don't know you, and have no idea what you like or dislike, and don't even bother to ask, simply assume so instantaneously and so stoopidly what you must want?

I had to answer politely, but I felt so much like saying, "You retard! As it happens, I love being around a whole bunch of different ages, from babies to old people, and as long as they are decent and intelligent, and not closeted pigs and other things, that's what I care about. Thanks for thinking that I would be one of those morons that solely relates to people ranging from 2 years older to 2 years younger than myself."

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