Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ah my feet! 

Today I went shopping for shoes and couldn't find any. Any that I could afford, that is. You see, women's shoes are mostly for being looked at. They are often so uncomfortable. Sure, if you are just going to step out of the car and into the office or the restaurant, and the full round-trip of this enormous itinerary consists of less than 22 steps, even those wobbly high, excruciatingly tight shoes don't seem that bad. Problem is, I like to walk. I just don't like to walk, I love walking. And there is nothing worse than walking with uncomfortable shoes. But for some inexplicable reason, maybe because engineers have not yet gotten around to designing shoes, real comfy shoes are vulture ugly, and the die-for-how-beautiful-they-are shoes simply kill any comfort your feet could ever hope in having. Simply in starting to place your big toe in the shoe, you can already feel its squeeze.

But I stood up, and did not give in. "I don't care if I have to go to 50 different stores and look at 800 pairs of shoes, I want super comfy AND pretty AND dirt cheap shoes." Now that's a realistic shoppping target! LOL But it's what I want and I will still shop around more. Bought nothing. There. And I got to walk a lot. :-)

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