Saturday, April 22, 2006

The problem with the pro-adult-porn/anti-child-porn dichotomy 

Below is a comment from ACE thread that actor Charlie Sheen has been caught by (ex?)wife viewing child porn (including homosexual child porn). It's not the particular person who made the comment who matters at all here, it's the contrary, it is a perfect example of a view that is found in millions of people (certainly including liberals and conservatives).

I couldn't care less if stupid Charlie Sheen is into gay porn or any of that. It's the CHILD porn that makes me wonder why that fucker isn't in jail.

And I'd be willing to bet there are at least a few here who think the "pigtails, braces, hairless" look is something they'd like as well. Probably not too many parents of young girls (or boys, if that's your bag), though.

There's something seriously fucking wrong with that shit. Even if the girls are 18+ and just dressing up, the attraction to "children" is just PLAIN WRONG. SICK.

Whence we conclude that one fundamental cornerstone of a certain ensemble of views that are simultaneously pro-adult-porn and anti-minor-porn is that it displays a concern only with violence against minors.

Which is a very stark contradiction in terms, since porn advocates an understanding of sex that normalizes huge components of sexual violence and degradation for adults (in a variety of explicit and less explicit ways).

My take on the underlying psychological dynamics is that there is no identification or thought of adults as potential victims of sexual violence, nor any empathy for the problem, specially by people who are privileged enough to have a sense of security (whether more real or illusory).

We see that in this pro-adult-porn and anti-minor-porn view, there is no thought that adults can be endangered and suffer sexual violence which is promoted by porn culture. Although any adult who is potentially at risk obviously needs protection, the only category that merits a feeling of protection are minors (since for obvious reasons children can be relatively more vulnerable, taking a broad generalization).

Also related to the above idea is the correlate that mass production of porn culture is not related to attitudes and behaviors that culminate in sexual harassment. Porn culture promotes a harmful degree of aggression, not simply an assertive one, but one which includes degrading and dehumanizing sexual attitudes and behaviors, a cornerstone of various psychological processes that will give an individual their internal green light to commit harassment or violence.

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