Friday, April 07, 2006

Consequences of the distribution and establishment of a mass culture of porn 

(which is a liberal culture, we would like to highlight once again, and one trash of a culture)

Clayton on The Duke Lacrosse Team Rape Controversy

UPDATE: In discussing this incident with my wife, she pointed out that both the description of what is alleged to have happened to the "exotic dancer," and the savagery of the email above, do fit in with a generation that is growing up drenched in hardcore pornography--a medium where women are wanton creatures who look forward to multiple sexual partners. My daughter and son-in-law relate stories of what goes on at the University of Idaho that suggest a generation of young men are growing up with porn-warped notions of the purpose of women, and what they want.

My daughter had a roommate who had gone out on a first date. Well, of course, he expected sex on the first date. The roommate was having her period, and said "No," so his next request was...anal sex. There were fraternities at the University of Idaho where members kept whiteboards listing who had sex with which girls. Does anyone seriously think that soaking a generation in hardcore pornography and hip-hop music videos isn't having some deleterious effects on how boys look at girls?

My email to Clayton:

If it were just boys, that would be nice. How about all the adults (men AND women, straight and bisexual and homosexual)? I have no doubt that a lot of sexual harassment that is perpetrated by bisexual and homosexual women is exactly influenced by porn and homo-activist ideas that say homos and bisexuals should totally pursue their homosexuality (and that gets interpreted as "pursuing it" with everyone they want to bother, including unwanted and unwelcome acts and other forms of sexual aggression).

And did you see today's flurry of articles on child pornography, after the Home Secretary scandal? Oh, the media has decided to remember child pornography is a huge problem, hasn't it? Once a year they actually wake up to the monstrous problems only to fall back to sleep tomorrow.


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