Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pro-homos: Idealization to the Extreme 

Andy left a comment for this post on "Exonerating homosexual perpetrators of violence."

Andy: Also, you have an extremely warped view of GLBT people. I know thousands, and we are certainly less violent than any other subgroup.

Well, what do you know? A homo that thinks he (and the homo population) are better, read less violent, than all other groups. So what else is new with these dishonest, self-obsessive people?

I think it is interesting to examine not only what pro-homos think they "know," but what is the basis for what consitutes their worldview and so-called "knowledge." In other words, how does Andy "know" what he thinks he knows?

For example, how does Andy know what the entire homo population is like, we wonder? "I know thousands," is his answer, and it stops there. Does Andy know what these thousands of people do 24 hours a day, every year of their lives? Can he attest for every form of abuse, harassment, insult, lack of character that they have perpetrated all their lives? Is it possible for a human being to know everything there is to know about thousands of people? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?

Obviously, not. But this is one more example of how irrational pro-homos are. Not only reality simply does not matter to them, it actually bothers them a lot.

How much does Andy know about people? Since Andy knows thousands of people (both heterosexual or non-heterosexual), can he tell us with certainty who among these thousands of people is abusing children? Or who is harrassing an adult? Who is consuming pornography? Who is engaging in the prostitution industry? Who is corrupt, dishonest, cheating? Or who has done these and other things in the past? How can he know everything that is going on in the lives of everyone he has met? Simple, he can't. What he has is a highly superficial, skewed perception (read cognitive selective) view of all these homos he purports to "know."

Evidently Andy doesn't question his own illogical worldview, because having a simplistic, self-serving, idealized version of reality satifies his dysfunctional ego and pro-homo obsession. Such a distorted version of reality is created and maintained in pro-homos' minds in place of any information about reality (which is not that cute).

This is another fanatical aspect of how pro-homos view homosexuals, idealized to the extreme, and consequently it is a very warped view. In addition, anyone who disagrees with pro-homos and is able to take reality into account and who does not idealize homosexuals in a fanatical way is deemed by pro-homos as having a "warped" understanding of homosexuals.

One other interesting observation about the pro-homo mind is that it projects onto others many of its own problems and dysfunctions, being in total denial about themselves. Pro-homos constantly project onto other people several of their own mental/psychological problems, as in the above example of who has a "warped" view of homos.

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