Sunday, March 12, 2006

42.4 percent of black women have never been married 

wow - that's a lot!

A 2000 statistic in a newspaper article that 42.4 percent of black women have never been married inspired the filmmakers behind Something New, a romantic comedy that explores a professionally successful black woman's issues-fraught decision to date a white man. [...]

"In a nutshell, the real crisis facing black women is too few men with too few resources," says Larry E. Davis, author of Black and Single and dean of the School of Social Work and director of the Center on Race and Social Problems at the University of Pittsburgh.

"The education and professional advancements of black men have paled in comparison to those of black women. Two-thirds of all college degrees that go to black Americans go to black women."

That's a big imbalance!

I don't judge people for not feeling attracted to people outside their race (as long as it's not due to racism), which is a different issue than what this article focuses on, in any event. I am very, very rarely attracted to men outside my race, but I am happy to see any bi-racial couple, of any racial mix. If it's love, it's great, no matter what the race. And if there are less people who are lonely because they have found a partner (who happens to be of a different race), all the better for the world.

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