Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How to Get Away with Murder and Mutilation - Mix it with Sex 

Dominatrix Found Not Guilty of Manslaughter

DEDHAM, Mass. — A dominatrix was acquitted of manslaughter Monday in the death of a man who prosecutors say suffered a heart attack while strapped to a replica of a medieval rack.

Prosecutors said that 53-year-old Michael Lord suffered a heart attack in 2000 during a bondage session in a "dungeon" in Asher's condominium and that Asher did nothing to help him for five minutes for fear authorities would find out about her business.

Asher had her boyfriend chop up the body of the 275-pound retired telephone company worker, and they dumped it behind a restaurant in Maine, prosecutors said. His remains have never been found.

What wonderful news to start the day with! This and Brokeback Mountain riding high on the Oscar nominations.

My only hope, giving the obsessive force with which society is thrusting homo and bisexuality as normal and healthy and acceptable, is that the spread and the growth of homosexuality will expose just how violent and diseased it is in reality, since there will be more and more violence and harrassment victims that are not just the majority of voiceless disenfranchised people as it was usually in the past.

Sexist male pro-homos, who love female homo and bisexuality, because it is an extension of how they sexually dehumanize and objectify women, think it's just fine to promote more and more homosexuality, as a badge of their sexual "progressiveness" and arrogant delusion of "progress." These men, of which Ace is an example, view (female) homosexuality in a parasitical way. They have always been privileged enough to never suffer any predatory behavior from male homos, so all they care is for the pornographic idea of two lesbiun "chics" in action. But that is changing, as more and more upper social status men are getting (bi and) homosexual ideas and attitudes and, given their usual lack of character and values, are "going for" males in all previously "hands-off" settings.

And this is what is making society much less safe right now, to use correctly the propaganda slogan of homo activists. In a violent and corrupt society, only the safety of (diseased) homos and bisexuals count. Not anyone else's.

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