Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What Is It With All the Swearing Nowadays? 

What is it with all the swearing nowadays? Are people so sensibility-challenged they don´t notice their diarrhea mouths aren´t cute?

It reminds me of those stinking chain smokers who can´t seem to notice what their stench is like.

A whole generation of stupid kids thinking saying f*** every 3 words is some smarter-than-thou, being cool thing.

Obviously, another component of liberal "culture." Trash, destroy, and mangle, and think it´s progress.

Update Feb.2-2005: see comments here, for more of the same drivel. And a nice link to wearing trashy clothes. My related comment: You nailed it. It´s like swearing. Having a diarrhea mouth and trashy clothes makes this generation think it has style.

Update Feb.4-2005:

From another cute thread where kids, I mean, men (with a very lower-case "m"), wanted to give a display they knew how to say a bunch of swear words one right after the other.

david c:
Alessandra, you misquote me (the biter bit!). I said "calling everyone a "c..." and then telling them to "f... off" has a definite sell-by date as a concept." Swearing is eternal and glorious.
True, misquoted but not miswritten. You have a major need to compensate for Sunday´s casserole*, I don´t.

Where men and women lack wisdom and other more important things, they have a diarrhea mind/mouth. They put the brown veneer over themselves in an attempt that no one will notice just how lame things are underneath.

And as if the issue of control/transgression/aggression isn´t so very, very visible.

As I said, a liberal society is quite violent and dysfunctional on its own. Talking about little sinister police state agents is just ridiculous when most aggression, violence, and mediocrity comes from liberal civilians themselves.

Ooops, but I digress, forgot I was talking to someone who can swear, but is too lame to grasp the above.

* from a comment in another recent thread, making fun of Serbs who think testicles are a gourmet food. They eat what they have not (pun intended).

Update: feb-4-2005

Harry Hutton, the blogowner from Chase Me Ladies, where the above was posted has banned me from making future comments! The power of speech, eh?

Update: feb-5-2005 - It looks I got barred on Pejmanesque too!

Comments to my criticism to swearing:

F*ckin a, Alessandra.
Posted by: Jim Dandy at February 3, 2005 02:02 PM

Jim Dandy has a diarrhea brain or maybe his brain is just located where humans have diarrhea.
Posted by: Alessandra at February 3, 2005 02:20 PM

Alessandra, my dear --

Out of curiosity, I followed the link to your site, expecting extraordinarily well-crafted discourse (given your admirable desire to refrain from swearing -- I'm reminded of the line in Malcolm X about swearing to make up for a small vocabulary). But I'm afraid that anyone who relies as much as you seem to on the slang "homo" is standing on somewhat thin ice.

Posted by Jessica

[I posted the reply below - but when I went to check if there were any more comments, my reply had disappeared. Then I tried posting it again and the system barred me. So I replied to Jessica´s blog.]

My comment below was deleted by Pejmanesque - apparently some people don´t like freedom of speech, they just like to make sugary speeches about it:

Jessica, the word homo is very much the point I make in what I am writing in my blog. But I guess this was a bit completely out of your grasp.

Maybe by censoring questions and criticisms, people like you and him can believe you have a point or know it all. I think not only is that standing on very, very thin ice, but the ice seems to be a bit brownish too.

Update Feb 11-2006 from Evangelical Outpost thread, from Patrick:

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you don't realize that "pro-homo" is an insulting term to your fellow blog-readers whom are gay or lesbian.

This is again, assuming you are not purposely using an insulting term. If you are however, then I guess thats just a reflection on your standards of courtesy, not mine. Snarkiness is fine, epithets are not.

Patrick, pro-homosexuality is insulting to my intelligence. I don´t refer to male child abuse as "man/boy love." I don´t refer to war sex slaves as "comfort women." I don´t use your disingenuous homo agenda words to talk about reality. The word "gay" has been kidnapped by homo activists for a political agenda with which I do not agree. Unless, it is for rhetorical purposes, I object to it. It´s ridiculous. Of course, I am purposefully using the term homo and others. I don´t call straight people "jollies" as I don´t call homos "gays."

Insulting my intelligence with your social engineering vocab is not fine at all.

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