Friday, January 14, 2005

Tsunami - Why Didn´t the MSM Report This?  

Here's a report on how some higher caste survivors are forcing India's untouchables out of relief camps, and of how some government officials are discriminating in providing aid: "Kuppuswamy Ramachandran, 32, a Dalit or untouchable in India's rigid caste hierarchy, said he and his family were told to leave a relief camp in worst-hit Nagapattinam district where 50 more families were housed.'The higher caste fishing community did not allow us to sleep in a marriage hall where they are put up because we belong to the lowest caste,' Ramachandran said."

"After three days we were moved out to a school but now the school is going to reopen within three days and the teachers drove us out," he said."Where will I take my family and children? The school had no lights, toilets or drinking water," available for the displaced....

At Keshvanpalayam, the Dalits had only flattened homes to show while survivors elsewhere enjoyed relief supplies such as food, medicines, sleeping mats and kerosene.No government official or aid has flowed into the village which houses 83 Dalit families more than 30 kilometres (20 miles) from Nagapattinam town. Cranes and bulldozers cleared the debris of a neighbouring fishing community, but they are yet to reach the Dalit village.

I wish too that someone in the MSM would have interviewed a child that was kept in a forced prostitution situation and what happened to them because of the tsunami.
Specially if it were a child forced to prostitute to foreign tourists.

Maybe when hell freezes over, the MSM will have the ethics to do that.

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