Saturday, January 29, 2005

Intelligence Is Not Required for Blogging 

Quoted on Evangelical Outpost - Outakes:

Two weeks ago Josh Claybourn mentioned he didn’t like “blogging about blogging” and found it "incestuous and self-serving." This week John Rabe weighed in by asking, “You know what I'm getting a bit sick of? Tedious blog posts about blogging."

I never thought I would hear someone considered barely legally coherent say something so stupid.

Blogging, which has exploded, is now on its own a huge field to be studied in every respect, sociology, communications, tech, psychology, politics, media, etc etc. Only very stupid people don´t have a single intelligent observation to make about blogging and the immense blog universe. Which, we can conclude, probably includes a lot of bloggers, given that blogging requires no intelligence, no thinking is necessary to apply.

If you can blabber, you can blog.

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