Monday, January 24, 2005

Camel Population Will Soon Overtake Aussies  

Today, we start a new series: "Why reading blogs is important - it´s the sheer quality of what you learn that makes it a golden experience," such as the last killer fact from Chase Me Ladies:

Australians slightly outnumber camels. There are 19,731,984 Australians, but only 19,074,168 camels.

If diplomacy broke down and there was -God forbid!- a war, my money would be on the camels. The Australians would have the advantage in guns and heavy armour, besides outnumbering the camels; but the camels could use their superior brain power to outflank their Aussie foe, and sow confusion in his ranks.

The best of comments:

"the Bedouin call camels Ata Allah, or God's gift."

I guess we can then conclude that God hates the Bedouin.

Tim T:
What's your favourite camel? Dromedary or Bactarian

What happened to option c), 'Mentholated'?

Scott at Blithering Bunny:
>I actually quite like Australians. But I never met a camel who wasn't a complete a-hole.

Hutu-n, it's too late now to try to grovel. We Aussies like you as well, but the camels have suffered for too long from your poison barbs.

What do you think we do together in the outback all day long with so many camels? Have sex with them? No. Well, yes, but what else? They whinge all day long about you. Yes you, you coxcomb. The snide asides. The subtle putdowns. The hump jokes. They don't care that you think they have brains - what they want is compliments for their looks. That's what matters to them - they're very vain. Your bland indifference to their sexual charms has cut them to the quick.

The only way to shut them up about you is to wipe out you and your Southern English brethren. So, much as we think you're an amusing fellow with your round-the-world tall tales, we must join forces with them and declare war.

David c:
I am not surprised to hear that the yin of the number of useful, hardworking and sober camels is more or less exactly balanced by the yang of the number of, well, you know who. Can we get camels behind central London bars? They'd probably serve you quicker and have better manners. Then we could ride Aussies across the desert until they drop from heat exhaustion. Fun all round.

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