Friday, April 20, 2007

Was Cho severely abused as a child? 

I am so sad with this possibility that I am having trouble blogging. Today I spent the day mourning - no, not for the ultra-privileged 32 innocent people that had their lives completely interrupted this week through the massacre. I was mourning for Cho - if this possibility holds to be true. I know a few cases of children who were severely abused and all grew up to either be condemned to a life of mental illness (read unspeakable suffering), and or they also became drug/alcohol addicted, or they committed suicide. These were victims who did not turn their rage outward to a blind target at some point. I know of another case where one abused child later became an abuser and tortured two innocent children. Plus all the cases I've read about that have one of these turnouts.

What is really troubling me right now is that I know of a boy who displayed every single symptom that has been featured in the news about Cho, with the exception that later he committed suicide instead of killing others and then committing suicide. This boy grew up in very abusive conditions, to the point that it destroyed his mental health.

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