Friday, April 20, 2007

Was Cho severely abused as a child? 

In all the cases that I personally know of, justice for the perpetrators has never been done. None. In most of the cases the abusers were one or both parents. Every single parent that tortured their child for years on end was able to systematically lie to everyone else about what was going on in an effective way.

If the abuse started at a very early age and the child started to display a troubled behavior from the start this only helped the parents to conceal what was going on by telling people their child was an enormously difficult child - out of the blue. As the child became more and more troubled, less and less capable to defend themselves, more and more cut off from sources of help, usually always victimized at school as well, with full cooperation of teachers who did nothing, the abusive parents only steeped up their blame on the child, or their profiling of the child as bad.

By the time they reached Cho's age, their lives were hanging by a string, given the profound damage they had suffered. I don't know of a single case where any of these kids got the help that they would have needed, that is, highly specialized professional help. Some got some "treatment," some got nothing in terms of mental health aid, but it was never at the level and the kind and the quantity needed.

The case of the abused child who later went to torture her two children was of a woman. Yes, she was evil, but I still hold Cho's indiscriminate stranger killing as much less evil than the decade's long torture of your own two children. And, of course, as for Cho, if there had been intervention in this monstrous woman's case, specially early on, two children could have been spared having their lives destroyed.

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